Rupert Dod – Cattle Farmer from Exmoor

As a breeder and finisher of a significant numbers of cattle I find FarmWorks by Shearwell Data on a practical side very useful. For TB testing, weighing, treatments, subsidy claims, and for BCMS notifications - it is a great time saver.

On the TB testing, the monthly weighing of fat cattle and treatments we find in conjunction with Electronic Identification there is a big saving in time and a big reduction in the stress on the cattle.

My thoughts on the National Livestock Management Database are that it could provide a very useful management tool for myself and the industry as a whole. Particularly useful is the ability to send and receive information direct and to be able to compare kill sheet data and prices from various abattoirs. The backup facility will also provide a very useful insurance against loss of data at home.

I am concerned about my information being divulged to others, which I wouldn’t want and also about the security of the database. I do believe that the company managing database is committed to the farming future. With this in mind, I’m happy for the NLMD to use my information to help improve the farming industry and I hope you will do the same.