Data Protection

I confirm that the information provided by me in the registration is correct.

I confirm that you may give my information to agents servicing these provisions. However, my information must remain confidential, unless authorised.

I understand that you may use my information as aggregate data to help develop and improve the Services on offer. I understand that you may use my information when of personal benefit to myself e.g. when trading livestock or promoting stock for procurement purposes.

Unless I have opted out of the agreement in the registration process, you may use my information to target details by post, telephone or email about products or services that the National Livestock Management Database (NLMD) believes may be of interest to me. You may release my name, address and telephone number to carefully chosen market research organisations for the purposes of confidential market research surveys carried out by post or phone or email.

I understand that if I do not want to receive this marketing information, or do not want my name and address to be released to market research organisations, I can choose on the declaration in the registration process to opt out.