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Blade Farming (South West) Ltd has joined forces with the NLMD to provide access to aggregate reporting for it's members.

The Blade Farming approach is a pen based cattle rearing system, using a number of individual farmers as rearers who then sell the cattle on to finishers. Each rearing farmer maintains their own stock records and has the reponsibility for recording treatments and weight information as well as the standard statutory information such as movements. When cattle are moved on to the farmer for finishing, this information can go with the cattle to maintain stock records and give the finisher farmer a full history for each animal.

This is where the partnership between the NLMD and Blade Farming comes in. Data held by the rearer is uploaded to the NLMD using the FarmWorks farm administration software. The cattle are moved on to the finisher, who is able to access this data directly through the NLMD and download the animal records directly into his/her copy of FarmWorks to maintain continuity.

The Blade Farming management group are able to monitor the progress and health of the cattle by post code area, region or by the individual holding, gathering important statistics to ensure their stock are reaching their full potential.

This partnership between the NLMD and Blade Farming has enabled the data for a potential 30,000 animals to be managed centrally and to be shared by key agents in the cattle rearing process. As more farmers join the Blade farming group, this number will increase, as will the data available to management for reporting and allowing a wider scope for benchmarking performance of stock.

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