Which reports can I view?

The NLMD generates a variety of reports directly from the farm data held in the FarmWorks by Shearwell Data management software. As such, we can generate reports based on the following information, although we are constantly adding new reports to the system as the data increases:

Animal Kill Data Report

Where animals have been slaughtered by one of the abattoirs using the NLMD*

Kill sheet grading report

Where data can be analysed from the kill sheets graphically, identifying animals that are 'Under Spec' and 'Over Spec'.

Ability to download kill data back into FarmWorks

Save time and effort entering kill sheet information back into the FarmWorks by Shearwell Data program.

The reports listed above are useful for analysing kill sheet data provided to the NLMD for farmers using one of the aboattoirs currently able to send information to the NLMD system. We are working with abattoirs to assist them with the sending of kill sheet data, and this will allow more farmers using the NLMD to view these reports. One of the most useful features of the NLMD is the ability for the farmer to view their data compared to other farmers in a particular group, postcode area or region. We do this through a series of aggregate reports. Data in the aggregate reports is ambiguous and cannot be traced directly back to a particular animal, farmer or holding.

Please take some time to view the brief tour of aggregate reporting of kill data and see how the NLMD can benefit you!

* Only available where the abattoir is integrated with the NLMD

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