About the NLMD

Together we achieve more

The NLMD will be owned by the farming industry and has the potential to benefit everyone connected to the livestock sector

Putting the Internet to good use

The NLMD is an easy to use, secure website which you can work with to improve the management and profitability of your business

Harvesting information

The NLMD is the tool with which the farming industry can harvest and market its last untapped commodity – animal and farm information

Who is the NLMD for?

How does the NLMD work?

The information held within the NLMD comes from registering on the site and from farmers backing up their farm data to the NLMD.

The information is held confidentially, so farmers can be confident that their data will only be used in an aggregated form and not traced back to them personally.

This backup service is currently available to FarmWorks by Shearwell Data users running version 1.4.0 or later.